You will always be prompted to select a save location when you print using Bolt PDF. You can specify the folder a PDF file will save to from either the Bolt PDF application, or from the printer dialog window.

Setting a Default Folder from the Bolt PDF Application

From the main menu, select File->Change default save folder... The Browse for Folder window will appear. From here, you can either browse to the folder you would like to set as the default folder, or you can create a new folder. Click OK to save your changes.

Setting a Default Folder from the Printer Dialog Window

Open the Bolt PDF properties window from the document application's print options dialog. This is usually done with the "Properties" or "Preferences" button near the printer selection drop-down menu, but may vary from application to application. From the Bolt PDF properties window, browse to and select the folder you would like to save to.

NOTE: Saving to a new location from the printer dialog window resets the default folder you may have set from the Bolt PDF application.