BroadCam can stream output from a camera connected to the server it is running on.

Add Camera

In Options ~ Live you can add any cameras that is installed into Windows. You need to have previously installed the camera as per the instructions that came with it. Please note also the dialog will only list cameras that are actually connected. For example a USB camera that is not plugged in will not appear. After a camera is added, you'll have a chance to select the streaming methods. If you choose to stream the camera content to YouTube, you can either manually input the YouTube live event URL, or create/select a new/existing event under your YouTube account through the UI.

Remove Camera

This allows you to remove the camera from BroadCam. The camera is not uninstalled from Windows.

Change Camera Properties

Every camera has a series of options and you may change them here. Please see Live Input Settings and Video Streaming Methods for more details.

Set Password

This allows you to set up and change password for a live stream. Please see Set Password and Change Password for more details.