This dialogue allows you to set general settings for BroadCam. It is found by clicking the Options icon on the toolbar and then clicking the General tab.


Startup Run Mode

BroadCam can be set to run automatically when the computer starts. To enable or disable this, tick or untick the "Run this program automatically when you login" option. If you want to use BroadCam for a permanent streaming service, you should select this option.

There are many modes of running automatically, which you can select in the pull down list under the "Run this program automatically when you login" checkbox. The options are:

If you want BroadCam to run always, irrespective of whether anyone is logged on, select one of the “Start before logon” options. When running as a service, BroadCam will work before logging on and after log off.

By default, when running as a service BroadCam will 'show' and be accessible to all users as an icon on the tray of task bar. You can change this to limit it to the current user or no users. If you plan to use Windows Terminal or Remote Desktop you probably should restrict Informant to a local user or no users because 'showing' on a remote desktop can sometimes knock out local devices because they attempt to use the remote devices!

Running as a service only takes effect the next time you restart the PC. You should also check that it works after restarting your computer. If you have any problems, check that folders are accessible from the "Local System" account. If you need to send email from Informant using MAPI, you must change the "Log On As" password for the Informant Service. To do this, after you have set Run as Service, open Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services. Double click on "Informant Service", select the Log On tab, select this account and then enter the name and password of the user account to use to send email.

Redirect URLs (Flash format only)

URLs to redirect

These options allow to specify the URL a user should be redirected to if the viewer clicks on a video image, generated by BroadCam, in a web browser, or if the video is ended.

If a video image is clicked:

Enter URL if you want BroadCam to redirect a viewer when he/she clicks on a video image.

If a video is over (recordings only):

Enter URL if you want BroadCam to redirect a viewer when a video is over.

If a video is over, following text will show:

Enter Text you want BroadCam to show when a video is over.

Include the 'Code for inserting' block in the Web page

Disable this option if you do not want to display the 'Code for inserting' box on the streaming video web page.

Show 'Restart Server' warning dialog when user opens Options and Live Properties dialogs.

Disable this option so that warning dialog never shows.