BroadCam enables you to monitor active viewers to your server's live video contents. You can view the details of the each viewer, such as their IP address, and can block a particular viewer as well. To open the Manage Viewers window, click the Viewers icon on the toolbar. The top of the list displays the Active Viewers, and the bottom portion displays any viewers you have blocked.

Note: Currently, monitoring active viewers of pre-recorded content is not available.

Active Viewers

The list displays all the currently active viewers to the live streamed contents, the speed of their connection, the type of stream they are viewing, and the contents.

Block Selected Viewer

Click the Block Selected Viewer button to block (disallow) the selected IP address in the list from viewing the current content listed with their IP address.

Blocked Viewers

The list displays all the currently blocked IP addresses.

Unblock Selected Viewer

To unblock a particular IP address selected for the blocked IP list.