You can replace your background with either a solid color, an image or a video (custom or preset pattern)


Select this checkbox if you want to apply the effect

Green Screen


Your background doesn't necessarily need to be colored green to have this effect working. This button lets you select the color of your background. You may use the button to select the color from the gradient box or the eye dropper button to specifically click on the monitor what pixel color to replace.

AI Super Green Screen

This option only requires a non-moving background, and does not need it to be a single solid color. It uses machine learning to identitfy the static background and replaces it with the desired option.

When enabled, this effect may darken and/or brighten the video feed temporarily. This is normal, it is testing various exposure settings before locking the camera's exposure settings.

Background Replacement Options


This slider lets you have the flexibility to extend the range of the color you are replacing. For AI Super Green Screen, this controls how much the background is allowed to fluxuate frame to frame.


Select this radio button to apply an image as background (It can be a custom image from your PC or a preset image)

Solid Color

Select this radio button to apply a solid color as background


Select this radio button to apply a video as background. The video background is composed of 60 frames equally spaced throughout the duration of the video (e.g. Video Background is 60sec. This means every video background frame is 1 sec apart)