Destination Folder

This option lets you select the folder to which Debut exports snapshots. To use this option, either type in the folder where you want to save Debut snapshots, or use the browse button on the right to locate the folder.

Output File Name

Select the "Prompt for file name" option if you want to select a different name for each snapshot.

Select the "Use this file name format" when you want to define the file name before take snapshot.

The following fields can be used in the Output File Name format.

The "Reset" button will reset the format to the default one if you have changed it.

The "Reset Auto Number" button resets the next auto increase number to be used by %autonumber% to 1.

Snapshot Type


Select what format you would like your snapshot to be saved in.


Select the picture quality. Selecting a higher quality will result in a larger file size.

Show flash when taking a snapshot

Show a flash in the preview window when taking a snapshot.

Play shutter sound when capturing a snapshot

Play a shutter sound when taking a snapshot.

Warn when overwriting an existing snapshot

Display a warning if an existing snapshot file is going to be overwritten.