Layer List

The Layer List appears on the lower right side of the screen, and allows you to view and interact with all the layers that make up the current project.

What is a Layer

Layers are a way to subdivide the content that makes up an image, to make organization easier. Think of a layer as a transparent piece of canvas that you can draw on, and each layer is stacked on top of the others to make up the overall image. The layer that is selected in the Layer List is the layer that content gets added to when you draw in the image with a tool.

Manipulating Layers

You can rename layers by clicking on the name, and typing the new name. You can also change the order of layers by clicking on a layer and dragging it to a different location in the layer list.

On the left side of each layer entry is a toggle button that will let you display a list of all the elements in that layer. When this list is open, you can select any of those elements by clicking it on the list (this is an easy way to select an element that is "hidden" beneath another, larger element). If you double click an element, it will select that element and any adjacent elements that are of the same type. Any selected elements will be highlighted in this list.

Each layer entry also has its own visibility and lock controls right beside the layer name. Toggling visibility will hide/show all of the layer's elements in canvas, while lock control will lock/unlock the layer from editing.

Layer List Controls


This adds a new blank layer to the top of the layer list.


This deletes the currently selected layer, so long as there is more than one layer in the image.


This creates a copy of the currently selected layer (and all the elements in it) and adds it to the top of the layer list.

Merge Layer Down

This will merge the selected layer with the layer below it in the layer list.

Layer Opacity

A trackbar control to adjust the currently selected layer's opacity.