Default Units

This is the default unit that you would like DrawPad to use for measuring length.

Guide Options
Show Grid Lines

This option allows you to display grid lines across the canvas at a set interval.

Show Pixel Grid Lines

This option allows you to display grid lines across the canvas at pixel size interval. Can only be enabled when project was zoomed to minimum of 800%

Enable Automatic Snapping

Snapping will allow you to quickly and precisely place elements by automatically aligning the edges with the grid lines, or any ruler guides you may have placed.

Grid Line Increment

This is the interval (in default units) between the grid lines.

Rotation Snapping Distance

When rotating an object, it will automatically snap to 90, 180, 270, and 360 degree orientations. This option determines how close you must be to one of those values before the element will snap.

Movement/Resizing Snapping Distance

This is how far away an element can be from a guide or grid line before it snaps to it.

Touchpad Options
Use Touchpad devices

If you have any touchpad devices attached to this computer, enable this option to use them with DrawPad.

Collect input from all touchpad devices

If you want to draw from any and all input devices (mouse, touchpad, etc.), enable this option. If this option is disabled, DrawPad will only collect input from the Current Touchpad Device.

Current Touchpad Device

If you only want to collect input from one touchpad device, then select it from this drop-down list. If the device you select is pressure sensitive, you will see the message "This touchpad is pressure sensitive" displayed underneath the drop-down list.