Curved Text Tool

The Curved Text Tool allows you to draw text that follows a path on the screen, instead of being confined to a rectangular text box which forms paragraphs of text, like the regular Text Tool. You can apply multiple styles to your curved text, and you can manipulate the curve after creation to adjust the display of the text.

Drawing the Curve

When you first select the Curved Text Tool, it will appear as if nothing has happened. That is because you must first draw a path before you can start typing your text. Draw a path for your text to follow, and when you are done the element will be created. At that point you may begin typing, or you can edit the curve if you'd like.

Editing the curve

Editing the curve is very similar to the process used for the Bezier Tool. You can use the frame around the curve to move the entire curve. You can select the points along the curve (squares) and move them. Selecting a point will also display the bezier control points (circles) that can then be moved. As much text as possible will be displayed along the length of the curve, but any text beyond what fits will not (it won't be deleted, just not displayed).

Tip: While the text is warped to try and fit it on the curve without overlapping, this isn't always possible with very tight bends in the curve. Larger font sizes make the issue more likely. If you are encountering a situation where certain characters are overlapping, try to smooth out any sharp bends in the curve or reduce the font size.

Typing the Text

After you've drawn the curve, you can start typing to add text. The cursor will be initially placed at the beginning of the curve and continue to the end. For example, if you draw a horizontal line from right to left then the text will start upside down underneath the right side of the line. If you want the text on top of the line, you would have to draw from left to right.

Styling the Text

The main differences between this and the regular text tool, with regards to text styling, are the absence of alignment and spacing options and the addition of the ability to apply a fill and stroke to the text. As you type, you can change any text option (or stroke/fill colors) and continue typing with the new styles without changing any existing text. You can also highlight any existing text and then change any styles for that highlighted block.