Template Wizard

The template wizard offers a quick way to create one of several types of projects. When it opens, you will be presented with a list of project types that you may choose from. After making your selection, select the Next button.

The next page lets you select which template style you would like to create. Select one of the options from the list, and select the Next button.

The next page is the text replacement page. You will be presented with a graphic of the project that has any text fields highlighted in a dashed box. You may select a box by clicking in it. To fill in the text you may either type in the edit field provided, or use the browse control to load a document. Once you have completed all the text fields, select the Next button.

The final page is the image replacement page (some templates may not need this page, and it will be skipped). You can select images similarly to the text replacement page, and then load an image by using the browse control below. After you are done, select the Finish button and your project will be created.