Walls, roof walls, and knee walls can be painted quickly and easily. To start painting walls, click the Paint button on the toolbar.

The property panel will display options for Wall Style and Wall Color. Style and Color are combined to create a highly customizable wall surface. Click on the Eyedropper button to change the style or color.

The size of the style texture can be scaled with the Texture Scale option.

After the desired style and color are set, click on the wall to change its texture. Note that walls are two sided and different textures can be applied to each side of the wall.

Paint Regions (if available): Parts of walls can be painted with the Paint Region tool. To begin, select the "Add Paint Region" option and select the texture and color. Regions of the wall can be then painted by clicking on the wall to start the region. After the desired region is highlighted, click to complete the region. Region colors and textures can be changed with the paint tool or deleted with the "Remove Paint Region" option.