A wide variety of objects can be placed in a scene, from flowers and trees to refrigerators and stoves.

To begin placing objects, select the category of object to be placed:


Each category will have a unique catalog of items associated with it. Select the desired item from the catalog found on the property panel. Move the mouse over the scene to the desired location and click the left mouse button. The item can be placed multiple times in this manner. Note: Objects can only be placed on the story currently being edited.

Each object has its own rules on where it can be placed. For instance, a tree can only be placed over the ground and curtains can only be placed on a wall.

Each object has various properties which can be set before placing the object or while the object is selected.
Each object is made of various materials or colors. Each material is listed in the material panel and can be changed by clicking on the color picker icon.
Lighting (if available):
Some objects have lighting properties associated with them. Note that lighting is not available on all systems.