The Add Symbols tool allows you to add architectural symbols to a project when it is viewed in 2D Blueprint.

Architectural symbols allows us to specify important information pertaining to locations of common connections such as power outlets, telephone, cable. We can also specify location of wi-fi, keypad, security camera, etc.

Currently, there are 14 symbols available:

  1. Cable - cable connection symbol
  2. Camera - security camera symbol
  3. Exterior door - exterior door symbol
  4. French door - French door symbol
  5. Gas - gas tap symbol
  6. High voltage outlet - high voltage outlet symbol
  7. Interior door - interior door symbol
  8. Internet - internet symbol
  9. Keypad - keypad symbol
  10. Oil - oil tap symbol
  11. Sliding - sliding door symbol
  12. Standard outlet - standard outlet symbol
  13. Telephone - telephone connection symbol
  14. Wifi - wifi symbol
Symbol Properties
Scale Attribute:

The scale of a symbol with respect to its original size. Symbols may be resize from 25% up to 300% of the original symbol size.

Rotation Attribute:

The angle of rotation of a symbol. Symbols can be rotated from 0° to 360°.

Color Attribute:

The color of the symbol. Symbol colors may be assigned by pre-defined and custom colors.

Adding symbols:

Begin by selecting a symbol from the treeview and then moving the mouse cursor onto the scene. Once the mouse cursor is positioned on the desired location click on the left mouse button to add the symbol.

A symbol can be added consecutively into the scene without clicking on the symbol again from the treeview. This can be performed by clicking on the left mouse button while holding the Shift key. Releasing the Shift key will end the consecutive symbol add operation.