DreamPlan supports the use of Imperial and Metric units. Imperial units are typically used in The United States, The United Kingdom, parts of Canada and a few other places. Metric units are used throughout most of the world.

DreamPlan will attempt to determine which units make the most sense based on the computer settings. However, unit types can be changed at any time through the Options dialog.

Imperial Units: Imperial units are expressed in feet and inches. Feet are denoted by a single tick (') and inches are denoted with a double tick ("). Large measurements (e.g. wall length) will be displayed in feet and inches while small measurements (e.g. wall width) will be displayed in only inches.

Entering Imperial Units: Imperial units can be entered in a variety of ways using the single tick (') to denote feet and the double tick (") to denote inches. Fractions and decimals can also be entered. Fractions are rounded to the nearest 1/16". Some examples of entering Imperial measurements:

Metric Units: Metric units are expressed in meters and millimeters. Meters are denoted by 'm' and millimeters are denoted by 'mm'. Large measurements (e.g. wall length) will be displayed as meters while small measurements (e.g. wall width) are displayed in millimeters.

Entering Metric Units: Metric units can be entered by denoting meters (m) or millimeters. Some examples of entering metric units: