Express Dictate software is a voice recording program that works like a dictaphone. It lets you use your PC or Mac to send dictation to your typist by email, Internet or over the computer network. Express Dictate lets you work from wherever you want, which can dramatically improve the turn around time for dictation and transcription work. As long as you have access to a computer with email, you can dictate from where you are - even overseas.

Express Dictate uses state of the art digital audio processing and compression technology to record and transmit audio. It also includes features such as automatic editing, encryption of recordings and voice activated recording.

You can also use a portable recorder while you are away from your computer. The Express Dictate Transfer from Portable Recorder ("Dock") feature lets you transfer dictations quickly and easily and send it to your typist or assistant via the internet or your computer network.

Express Dictate is designed to have the features that you need, made as simple as possible and is reliable for day to day operation.

System Requirements

Express Dictate is also available for the iPhone as Pocket Dictate.

In order to use Express Dictate, the person who types your work must install Express Scribe, which includes many features including variable speed playback, foot pedal operation and more. Express Scribe can be downloaded at the Express Scribe website

You must purchase (register) a license to use Express Dictate beyond the 14-day trial. For more information about purchasing a license, including current pricing, please visit

Express Dictate is part of NCH Software's Business Audio Software. For more information, please see

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