To open Disk Usage Settings use the menu Options -> Disk Usage.

Delete archived dictations after day(s)

When Express Dictate "sends" a dictation, it archives a copy of that dictation so you can recover it later and / or view work progress. By default these files are deleted automatically after 30 days. You can change the number of days. To disable autodelete enter 0.

The check for, and deletion of, old dictations takes place whenever dictations are sent.

Hard drive space warning

Express Dictate will warn you when your hard drive space is running low. By default this is 200MB.

Data Folder

This is the folder Express Dictate uses to keep the current and sent dictations in. By default this is in the User specific Application Data folder. If you want to let users 'share' their data you can point this folder to some shared folder. You can also point it to a network folder so you can 'roam' with your dictations.

Click "Set to default" if you have modified the data folder setting but would like to revert to using the default folder.

Warning: Dictations in your current data folder will no longer be visible in Express Dictate if you change the data folder setting.