To open Creation options use the menu Options -> Creation.

Default name

Changes the format of the name given to a dictation when it's created.

Prompt for Data

When you create a new dictation, Express Dictate can prompt for more data. This can be used to prompt for a file reference number (e.g., Case Number, Patient Number etc.) or any other information to be attached to the recording.

XML data
When this option is selected, the entered data is stored in the Notes circumfixed with XML tags so the data can be easily searched by database software. The name of the tag can also be set. Do not use spaces in the XML tag names. The data can be viewed on Express Dictate, Express Scribe and Express Delegate and can be extracted by third party dictation management software using etools.

Replace default dictation name
When this option is selected, the entered data is used as the dictation name instead of being stored in the Notes.

Validation of prompt data

To prevent mistakes when the user is prompted for data you can specify a minimum and maximum number of characters to ensure that the data is valid. For example if your file numbers are always 6 characters use 6 and 6 to prevent the user entering anything else.

Insert template note for new dictations

When this option is ticked, whenever a new dictation is created Express Dictate copies that text into the Notes field. This is useful if you want the dictator to fill in template details which are then sent with the dictation.

Default priority

Use the drop menu to set the default priority for dictations. The options are low, normal, and high.