Enable voice commands
Enable or disable voice command operation.

Speech recognition options
Select the speech recognition engine and speaker profile from the pull-down lists.

Installing Speech Engine

If no speech to text engine is found on your machine, you can download and install a speech to text engine from NCH Software by clicking on the "Install engine..." button".

Voice commands
Type in the spoken phrase that you want recognized and select which command will be triggered when it is said. To edit an existing phrase, ensure the row to be edited is selected then click in the Phrase column to edit it. To select a command, click on a row in the Command column then select from the pull-down list that appears.

When choosing phrases:

Voice command test
Use the "Voice Command Test" dialog to test the accuracy of speech recognition, and the selected voice commands.

Shows the name of the active audio input device and it's current input level. The audio device can be changed using Options -> Audio -> Recording -> "Sound recording device".

Speech recognition
Shows the active speech recognition engine and speaker profile.

Command log
Lists detected voice commands.

To achieve the best speech recognition accuracy: