These are some of the problems (and solutions) found with Express Dictate.

Recording does not start

If the recording does not start at all then check you have selected your sound card as the "Sound Record Device" and that you are not running any other software that is using the card at the same time.

Recording appears to start but the level meter stays blank (e.g., silence) or very low


~ Is a microphone connected to the correct Mic socket on the Sound Card?

~ Have you selected the correct sound card and "Mic-In" as the "Sound Recording Device" in the Audio tab of the Options dialog? Alternatively, try the Windows Record Mixer channel and Open Windows Record Mixer to adjust the mixer manually.

~ Does your computer/sound card only have one sound card sound input for both line and microphone? If so, double click on the yellow speaker icon on the task bar to open the Windows Record Mixer, click "Advanced" and see if there is a Microphone Boost option.

Email Send fails

If you have email problems when using MAPI:

1.Do you have MAPI compliant email software installed? Eudora, Netscape Mail, Lotus Notes, Outlook(*) and Thunderbird are MAPI compliant. If you do not have MAPI software installed, simply download and install the free version of Eudora from

2.Have you set up your email software as the default MAPI server? In Eudora use Tools / Advanced / MAPI / Always. In Outlook use Tools / Options / Make Default.

3.*Outlook Problems: Some versions of Outlook cause problems because the automated send feature is disabled or it prompts you every time it needs to send a message (which defeats the purpose of automated email!). The easiest solution to this problem is to simply download the free version of Eudora from You will still be able to use Outlook as your main email application but you can set up Eudora simply for sending automated mail. Alternatively, you can use SMTP.

If you have any of the above problems you should consider using the Internal Simple SMTP. To do this, click on the "Email Settings..." button next to email on the Typist Recipient Properties box. Select Internal Simple SMTP and enter your ISP's mail host server and your email address.

If you have email problems when using Internal Simple SMTP:

1.Have you entered your ISP SMTP mail host server using the "Email Settings..." button on Typist Recipient Properties?

2.If you receive an error message when attempting to send mail with SMTP your server may require authentication (i.e., username and password) to send email. Use the format for the mail host.

Email Sending Takes Too Long

You should select an audio compression format to reduce file size so files upload faster. To do this select Options -> Sending -> Properties -> File -> Select Audio Compression Format and select a suitable format. For information about audio formats, see The recommended format is GSM6.10.

As a practical measure if you are sending files by internet over a slow connection, break up your dictation into smaller parts and send each as you finish them.

Last part of recording is cut off

You may have set your voice activation level too high. Lower the voice activation level in Options -> Audio -> Voice Activation -> Activation Level.

Configure the voice activation level slider bar by moving the bar backwards. Be aware that if you select too low a setting the program may also respond to background sound.

Lost Files

If a file goes missing or is accidentally deleted by your typist, you can recover the file from Archived Dictations and resend it.

If a file goes 'missing' in Express Dictate check you have logged on as the correct user. Each user has their own files list.

If none of the above solve your problem, please view the up-to-date Express Dictate Online Technical Support If that does not solve your problem, you can contact us using the technical support contacts listed on that page.