About Text Formatting Variables

Some settings in Express Dictate are documented as accepting text formatting variables. For example, when sending dictations by email, you may want to automatically insert into the email subject the name of the dictation being sent.

Variables are specified by wrapping a variable name in percent (%) signs. e.g., The variable "%username%" is substituted with the name of the registered user.

Settings that accept text formatting variables can use any combination of text and / or variables. Any text not contained within percent signs is used as-is.

List of Variables

Dictator's details:
Dictation file details:
Date & time that a dictation was created:
XML data (See Prompt for Data in Options -> Creation for information about adding XML elements to dictations):



Format string: "%filepriority% priority dictation for %client%"
Result: "Medium priority dictation for Jane Doe"

Format string: "%YYYY%%MM%%DD%-%HH%%MIN% %userid%-%filenumber% %username%"
Result: "20100327-0948 123456-123 John Smith"