The Account Properties dialog is where you manage information about each account in the Chart of Accounts. This dialog is opened from the Chart of Accounts list by double clicking an existing account in the list. Open the Chart of Accounts list by clicking the View menu and selecting Chart of Accounts. The web version of this dialog may be opened with the Add New Account button on the Chart of Accounts List page.



This is the account number given to the account on creation or from the default accounts list. The account number can be changed only if there aren't any transactions for this account.


The type of the account, Asset, Liability, Equity, Income or Expense, is set when you create the account. It cannot be changed later. If you have made a mistake, delete the account and create a new one.


The subclass of the Income or Expense account.

Classification for cash flow:

The selection you make in this field will be used for the Cash Flow Statement reports. Your choices are Operating, Investing or Financing.


Enter the name of the account as you would like it to appear on all reports.

Header account (for subtotals only, no posting)

If the account is a header account it means that nothing can be posted directly to the account but on reports the account prints the subtotals of all accounts below it with the same prefix.

Cash postable (e.g., bank or credit card)

If an account is cash postable it means it will appear in the list of accounts that payments can be made from or deposits made to. Bank and Credit Card accounts usually have this option ticked.

Tax included

Check this box if payment from this account will include sales tax. The tax will be based on values entered on the Tax tab of Options, but can also be adjusted on the Payments and Purchases dialog.

Opening balance:

If you are bringing this account from another accounting system, enter the opening balance as at the date the accounts were transferred. Manually changing an opening balance is not recommended after the initial setup. Accounts payable and accounts receivable opening balances can be changed through respective suppliers and customers opening balances.

Default linked account for:

(If available) The selection you make in this field will be used as the default account for selected transactions.