The Accounts Payable dialog is where you can enter a bill you have received for payment at a later date. To open this dialog, click the Purchases menu and select Enter Accounts Payable, or click the Enter Payable icon on the toolbar of the Home tab, Purchases tab, Banking tab, or Reports tab.


Select the date for this transaction.

Due Date

Select the due date for this transaction.


Enter the supplier the account payable is owed to.

Supplier Address

Enter the supplier's address.

Accounts Payable

Select the account this transaction will be applied to.


The balance of the account selected above will be displayed in this field for your reference.


Enter the amount of the transaction.

Reference number

Add an optional reference number that will appear in the Accounts Payable list, and will appear in a Payment made against this Accounts Payable.


Add a note about this transaction that will help you identify the transaction on the journal.

Account Allocation

Allocate amounts to the accounts for this entry. Click in the table to add an account. Select an account by number or name by clicking in the either the Number or Name cells and select an account. Be sure to add both debit and credit accounts and click Record when the account amounts balance each other out.


Click Record button to save the bill.

Out-of-balance amount

If the debit and credit accounts do not balance, the out of balance amount will be displayed beneath the Account Allocation list.