If your company sells items or services, Express Accounts will keep them in a list so you can add them to quotes, orders, and invoices quickly. If you are adding services, enter them as items, as Express Accounts does not distinguish between the two. There are three ways to add new items and services to the system: through a New Invoice, using the Items List, and importing items.

Add Items through a New Invoice, Quote, or Order

This is an efficient way to add new items and services to Express Accounts, since items are created at the same time you create a customer invoice, quote or order. While you are creating a new invoice, quote, or order, any items you enter that haven't been added to Express Accounts yet will automatically be added to the Items list once the invoice, quote, or order is saved or recorded. Each new item entered will include the item number, description, unit value, and tax.

Note: If you want to keep track of the inventory quantity, you will have to edit the item in the Items list (see below).

See New/Edit Invoice, New/Edit Quote, and the New/Edit Order topic in the Screen References section of this manual for details about filling out these forms.

Add Items using the Items List

To open the Items List, click the View icon on the toolbar and select Items. To add a new item, click the Add icon in the toolbar. There are two tabs in the Item dialog. On the first tab, called Item, fill out the item details. If you want to manage inventory stock levels using Express Accounts, click to the Inventory tab and enter your on hand quantity, ideal quantity, and warning level quantity. Click OK to save the new item or service.

To Edit an existing item or service from the Items List, select the item and click the Edit icon in the toolbar.

See the Item ~ Item and Item ~ Inventory topics in the Screen References section of this manual for more information about the Item dialog.

Import Items from a CSV File or Another Express Accounts Business

From a CSV File - You can import a list of items you have used previously to save time entering new items into Express Accounts. To import a list, open the Items list, click the Item menu and click Import Items from CSV. Browse to the CSV file and open it. The Match CSV Fields dialog will open in Express Accounts. You'll need to match up the columns from the CSV file with headings in Express Accounts. For more information on how to do this, see the help topic Match CSV Fields in the Screen References section of this manual.

From Another Express Accounts Business - To import items from another business within Express Accounts, open the Items list, click the Item menu and click Import Items from other Business. This opens a dialog. Select the business you want to import items from in the top window and the items will appear in the bottom window. Uncheck any items you do not want to import. Click the Import button when you are finished.