If your company purchases items regularly from vendors or suppliers, Express Accounts will keep them in a list so you can create purchase orders quickly.

To add a new supplier, open the Suppliers List by clicking the View icon in the toolbar, then select Suppliers. To add a new supplier, click the Add icon in the toolbar. This brings up the Supplier dialog. Fill in the supplier's information and click OK to save the new supplier record.

To Edit an existing supplier from the Suppliers List, select the supplier and click the Edit icon in the toolbar.

For more details about the Supplier dialog, see the Supplier ~ Supplier topic in the Screen References section of this manual. Also see the Suppliers List topic.

Adding Suppliers from a Purchase Order

If you find yourself in the middle of a purchase order and want to add a new supplier right away, you don't need to close the purchase order to do so. Enter the supplier name in the Order Supplier field and press Enter, then click the Edit the supplier record button to the right of the Order Supplier field. This will open the Supplier dialog, which you can fill out as explained above. Click OK to save the record and you will be returned to your purchase order.

Import Suppliers from a CSV File

You can import a list of suppliers you have used previously to save time entering new suppliers into Express Accounts. To import a list, open the Suppliers list, click the Supplier menu and click Import Suppliers from CSV. Browse to the CSV file and click Open. The Match CSV Fields dialog will open in Express Accounts. You'll need to match up the columns from the CSV file with headings in Express Accounts. For more information on how to do this, see the help topic Match CSV Fields in the Screen References section of this manual.