The Apply Credit Note window is where you can apply a customer's credit notes to their overdue invoices. Select a credit note from the pull-down list to load the information, or you can click the button on the right to open the Credit Note List window, where you can select from pre-existing credit notes or create a new one. Once you have selected a credit note, the Invoices list will fill with all the invoices assigned to the customer. Enter the amount you wish to apply against each invoice in the Applied column; this column will automatically be filled in using the amount of the credit note you selected.

Customer Payment


Enter the date the payment was received (not the date of the invoice).

Credit Note:

Select the credit note from the drop-menu. You can use the buttons to the right of this field to look at the list of credit notes and edit the selected credit note.


The customer of the selected credit note. This field is filled automatically once you select a credit note to apply; the listed invoices are for this specific customer.


This field will automatically be filled once you select a credit note to apply.

Deposit account:

Select the account the credit should be applied to.


Unapplied Amount Remaining:

This is the total amount which has not yet been applied to any invoices.

Show paid Invoices

Check this if you wish to show paid Invoices in the Invoice list view.