The Express Accounts Payments window allows you to Enter or Edit payments. To enter a new payments of Accounts Payable, click Enter Payments of Accounts Payable from the Purchases menu. To edit an existing payment, first open the Payments list by clicking View and selecting Payments of Accounts Payable, then select the payment you need to edit, and click the Edit button in the toolbar.



Enter the date the payment was made (not the date of the bill).


Select the supplier from the drop-menu. You also have the option of leaving this field blank if you enter a bill number.

Account paid from:

Select the account from which this payment will be made. You may also create a new account.


Select how the payment was made.


If you selected a supplier or bill number, this field will automatically fill with the supplier's account balance. If the payment does not match this number, enter the exact amount paid.

Reference number:

Enter the reference number. Entering a reference number is optional.

Check no.:

Enter a check number. This is only applicable if you select Check as a payment method. Express Accounts will automatically increment check numbers for you.

Journal memo:

Add a note about this transaction that will help you identify it in the journal.


This is the total amount remaining that has not been applied to any invoices.


Click on this button to Record the payment.