The Business section is where you enter details about your business or company that appear on invoices, quotes, orders, reports and other documents. To open the Business section, click the Options icon on the toolbar and select the Business item on the left (selected by default).

Business Type

Select the radio button which best describes your business. This only affects the headings on invoices, these headings can be changed later either by choosing the business type in the Business section in Options or by changing the text for the individual headings under Invoice Text in the Invoice section in Options.

Business Name

Enter the official name of the business (e.g., Acme Corporation, Inc).

Registered Number

In many countries, each business has an official number which must be displayed on the invoice. Please enter it here.


Enter the address of your business as you want it to be printed on the invoice.

Contact Details

Enter the contact details you want on the invoice. For example, phone, fax and email address.

Logo Image File

To add your logo to invoices, statements and other reports, you can select the file path to a jpg/bmp/gif/png image.

Configure Multiple Businesses...

Express Accounts can keep accounting records for multiple businesses with a single installation. Click this button to add, select or edit businesses. This feature can also be used to support multiple currencies by allowing a new business to handle a new currency type.