To view a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement for more than one business, select the businesses and report type from this dialog. The dialog can be opened from the Reports List on the Reports tab.


A list of all the businesses set up through Express Accounts appears in the Businesses section of this dialog. Select the business you want to consolidate reports for by checking the box next to the business name.

If your businesses are in different currencies, the report will be in the currency of the current business selected in Multiple Businesses. You will want to update the information in the Currency and Rate columns. Updating these columns does not change the currency of each business, it is used to enter an exchange rate, so that the calculations will be correct for the active currency. To select a new currency, click the currency cell, and a drop-menu will appear. If your currency does not appear in the list, type it into the field. To enter a new rate, type the new rate into the rate cell.


A list of reports is displayed in the lower window. Select the report that you want to view.

Select Date:

For reports displaying data for a single day, such as the Balance Sheet, you will need to select the date for the report. Fixed period choices available are today, yesterday, end of last month, or end of last year. Or, you can choose Select from the menu, and then specify a specific date by entering it in the Date field, or selecting the date from the calendar.


Enter the date or click the calendar button to display a date selector.

Save Report as CSV:

You can save your report in a spreadsheet file format.