Use this screen to manage your customer groups. Here, you will see a list of all the customer groups you have created in Express Accounts. You can also use this list to create new customer groups. To open the Customer Groups List, click the View menu and select Customers. From the Customer menu, select Manage Customer Groups. Alternatively, this screen can be accessed from a customer's record, accessed from the Customer List on the Other tab by clicking the customer folder icon next to the customer groups drop-menu.

Once you have create customer groups, you can assign them to individual customer records on the Other tab of their customer record. See the Customer List topic in the Screen References section of this manual for more information about managing customer records.

Select (if available)

Click the Select button to add the selected customer group to the customer record.


Click the Add button to create a new customer group.


To delete customer groups, select the customer groups(s) you wish to remove from the list, and click the Delete button.


Click the Edit button to edit the currently selected customer group in the list. This only applies to one customer group at a time.

Additionally, the following functions are available from the Customer Group menu:

Find Customer Group

Select this option to open the Find Customer Group window. From here, enter the group name you want to search for to locate it in the list.

Find Next Customer Group

Select this option to find the next customer group in the list with the last term searched for, or use the shortcut F3 to locate the next group in the list.