The Add/Edit Customer Additional Options window is where you fill in the details for customers. To access the Add/Edit Customer window, click Additional Options from the Edit Customer screen. Users with viewer-only privileges will be unable to edit these additional options.

Shipping Address

If the customer's preferred shipping address is different from the billing address, then enter it here. If the shipping address is the same as the billing address, then leave the shipping address empty.

Prefers Invoices By

Select the method which will be used by Express Accounts to send invoices to this customer when generating new recurring invoices.

Set tax exempt for this customer

When checked, the taxes will not be applied to any transactions for this customer.

Payment Terms

Select the terms of payment which will appear by default on an invoice created for this customer.

Payment Terms Days

Enter the period of the payment terms.


This is the name of the salesperson who will be selected by default when an invoice is created for this customer.

Customer Notes

These notes are for internal use only. They can be used, for example, to indicate customer history or special terms.

Customer Group

Select the group which this customer belongs to. To create a new group, enter it into the field.