Use this screen to manage your customer records. A list of all the customers you have entered in Express Accounts is displayed here. To open the Customer list, click the View menu and select Customers.

Note that when the Customers List is accessed through the Invoice, Order, Quotes, New Credit Notes and Receipt windows that the Invoice, Quote, Order, Payment, and Statement buttons and some menus and menu items will not be displayed in the the list window.

Select (if available)

Click the Select button to select a supplier for entry into a form.


Click the Add button on the toolbar to create a new customer record.


To delete a customer record, select the customer record(s) you wish to remove from the list, and click the Delete button on the toolbar.


Click the Edit button on the toolbar to edit the currently selected customer record. You can only edit one customer record at a time.

Quote (if available)

Click this button to create a new quote for the selected customer.

Order (if available)

Click this button to create a new order for the selected customer.

Invoice (if available)

Click this button to create a new invoice for the selected customer.

Payment (if available)

Click this button to receive a payment for the selected customer.

Statement (if available)

This menu button provides various statement actions for the currently selected customer.


Click this button to save records of all customers.

Display Customers Group

Click on this drop down to filter and view only customers belonging to a specific customer group.

To create customer groups, see the Customer Groups List topic under the Screen References section of this help manual.

Display inactive customers

Check this box to include any inactive customers in the customer list.

The inactive customers will be highlighted with a colored background.

Customer menu

Click the Customer menu to view options for adding, editing and deleting customers; creating quotes, orders, invoices, and applying payments; emailing or phoning a customer; finding a customer in the list; managing customer groups, importing customers from CSV, Outlook or another business, or exporting the customer list; recalculating the customer balance; and printing an envelop with the customer's address on it.

Report menu

Click the Report menu to print, preview, email, fax, save a pdf or csv report of the list of customers.

Shipping Label (if available)

Click the Shipping Label menu to view options for creating a shipping label for the currently selected customer. Shipping labels can be previewed, printed, emailed, faxed, or saved.