From the Journal Entry dialog, you can enter the details of any type of transaction and then allocate the amount to two or more accounts. To make a manual journal entry, click the Transactions menu and select Manual Journal Entry, or press Ctrl+J, or access the Journal entry dialog from the Journal dialog by clicking the Add button on the Journal toolbar.


Select the date for this journal entry.


Select the Journal the transaction should be recorded to from the drop menu.


Enter reference id for this entry if you wish to record a reference id different from the auto generated id.

Journal Memo

Add a note about this journal entry that will help you remember what the entry is for.

Account Allocation

Allocate amounts to the accounts for this entry. Click in the table to add an account. Select an account by number or name by clicking in the either the Number or Name cells and select an account. Be sure to add both debit and credit accounts and click Record when the account amounts balance each other out.

Out-of-balance amount

If the debit and credit accounts do not balance, the out of balance amount will be displayed beneath the Account Allocation list.

Use Template

Before any information is entered into the Journal Entry dialog, the Use Template button will be available. Click this button to fill in the journal entries with details from a transaction template you have previously created.

Save As Template

You can make a template of transactions you make repeatedly to save yourself time. To create a new template, first fill in the details of the transaction on the Journal Entry, then click the Save As Template button at the bottom left of the dialog. You'll be prompted to name the template, and then the details will be saved to a list you can access next time you need to apply the transaction to the journal.


Click on this button to save the journal entry.