If you use NCH Software's inventory program, Inventoria, you can synchronize data about stock quantities between Inventoria and Express Invoice.

Show warning for items that aren't in stock

Check this box to show a warning during Invoice/Sales Order creation if invoiced/ordered items aren't in stock.

Inventoria Synchronization Settings

Allow Express Accounts to synchronize with Inventoria

Check this option to permit Express Accounts to connect remotely with Inventoria for downloading current item data and uploading quantity changes.

Access Authentication Code (match it to server program):

Enter the code that Express Accounts will use to connect to a server Inventoria program.

IP Address of server program (not including 'http://'):

Enter the address or IP of the server program to which Express Accounts should connect.

Port number used by server program:

Enter the port number used by the server program to accept web connections. Inventoria has a default port number of 1097.

Location name for this business profile:

Select or enter the name of the location in the server Inventoria which corresponds to the current business profile in Express Accounts.

Retrieve Locations

Use this button to request a list of locations existing in the server Inventoria.

Update Now

Use this button to immediately perform an item synchronization using the current settings. Note this will import all items from the server Inventoria, but it will only update the quantities from items at the selected location.