The Other tab of the Options dialog is where various general settings can be configured, including email and fax settings, csv format settings, user access settings and more.

Send Settings

Email Settings

Please refer to Knowledge Base Articles - Problems when sending email using our software for more information.

Fax Settings

Click the Fax Settings button to set up or view the fax gateway. An electronic gateway needs to be configured before you will be able to send faxes within Express Accounts. For more information and a list of recommended gateways, refer to

Show financial summaries on the main window

Check this option to display the summary of the income and account revenues on the bottom of the main window.

CSV Format Settings

Save csv files in UTF8 character encoding

Check this option to save csv files in utf8 character encoding.

Save as csv for Excel

Check this option to save csv files that can be opened by Windows programs such as Excel, WordPad, etc...

User Access Settings

Only allow administrators and specific user(s) to run Express Accounts

Enable this checkbox to specify users and administrators that can run Express Accounts.

Allowed user(s):

List specific users that can run Express Accounts (e.g. user1,user2).