The Packing Slip dialog is used to set the standard text that appears on printed packing slip. You can preview any changes you make by clicking Preview Packing Slip at the bottom of the Packing Slip dialog. To find the Packing Slip dialog, open the Options dialog, and click the Packing Slip link in the left sidebar of the window under Page Layout.

Packing Slip Text

Packing slip title

Enter your custom text for Packing Slip Title to be displayed on the printouts and pdf.

Note and Foot Comments

Text entered here will appear at the bottom of the packing slip printout or pdf. Choose an alignment and font size for the text. The foot comment will appear beneath any note comment.

Preview Packing Slip

Click this button to save your settings and preview what the packing slip will look like. Note that packing slips do not have the same style applied to them as invoices.