When a new user is created, their password will not be visible to other users in Express Accounts, and will be displayed as a series of dots. Each user is able to change their password or reset their password

Change Password

Users can change their password to something more memorable from the web interface by clicking the Change Password link from the right sidebar of the web interface. They will be required to enter their old password before a new password will be accepted. If the user cannot remember their old password, the will have to reset their password.

Reset Password

At the Login screen for Web Access, click the Forgot your password? link. An email will be sent to the user with a new password. The user should use the new password to logon to the Web Access feature and update their password to something they can remember.

Note In the event the user does not receive an email to reset their password, they will have to have a user with administrator user privileges reset their password for them through the main interface Options ~ Web Access or through the Web Access interface by clicking the Add/Edit Users link in the right sidebar.