The Payments tab of the Options dialog is where credit card payments are configured, so that you can accept credit card payments from customers using Express Accounts. Credit card gateways can virtually take the place of physical credit card swipe machines and process your customer's payments securely.

A list of the available credit card gateways appears on this page. If you do not see any gateways, click the Check for Updates button to refresh the list. By updating the list, you will see credit card gateways that have been tested with Express Accounts.

To configure settings for a gateway, select it from the list so that its name is highlighted, and click the Configure... button. To enable a credit card gateway for charging customers, check the box to the left of its name. Only one credit card gateway can be selected at a time. Note that if you do not enable a gateway by checking its box, credit card charging with Express Accounts will not be possible.

For more information about each of the supported gateways, click the links below:

Check for Updates

Connect to the internet and check for updates, or for support for additional gateways.


Configure or adjust the settings for the selected account.

Payment Methods

When you apply a payment you select the payment method. This can then be used to create reports of payments and to aid reconciling statements. You can change the default list of payments by entering a comma separated list of the methods your company accepts here. An example is Check,Bank Deposit,Credit Card etc.