The Express Accounts Payments window allows you to Add or Edit payments received. To apply a new payment, click the Sales tab and click the Receipt icon on the toolbar, or press Ctrl+Y. To edit an existing payment, first open the Payments list by clicking the View menu and selecting Payments, then select the payment you need to edit, and click the Edit button in the toolbar.

Customer Payment


Enter the date the payment was received (not the date of the invoice).


Select the customer from the drop-menu, or enter a new customer using the customer button to the right of the drop-menu.


If you selected a customer, this field will automatically fill with the customer's entire account balance. If the payment does not match this number, enter the exact amount paid instead.

The payment amount will be distributed across the unpaid invoices listed below, completing the oldest invoices first. You may manually redistribute applied amounts in the invoice list. Any unapplied amount will be shown as Unapplied amount remaining.


Select how the payment was made. Available options are Cash, Check, Credit Card, Bank Deposit, and Other

Reference number:

Enter the reference number. Leave this field blank if you charge by credit card online; the reference number will generate automatically after success. If you do not charge by credit card, entering a reference number is optional, but can help you keep soft references between payments and invoices.

Deposit account:

Select an account from the drop menu to apply the payment to.

Charge customer via online credit card gateway

Check this if you want to charge the customer by credit card. You must have set up the pay account in Options on the Credit Card Gateways tab, as well as entered the customer's credit card information for this option to be enabled.


Unapplied amount remaining:

This is the total amount remaining that has not been applied toward any invoices.

List of Invoices

This is the list on invoices that you can apply the payment amount to. The applied amounts will automatically be filled in starting with the oldest invoice, if you wish you may adjust the applied amounts for each invoice by clicking on the Applied field, or the edit icon for each invoice.

Show paid invoices

Check this if you wish to show paid invoices in the invoice list view. The paid invoices will be highlighted with a gray background and will not have a Due amount.


Click on 'Record Only' button to apply and save the payment. To record and print, click on the pull down list and select the action.