Use the Payments List to manage your payments. To get here, click the Payments link in the web interface control panel, then select a range of payments to view based on time period. Here, you will see a list of all the payments Express Accounts has created.

You can use the Period selector to filter the listed payments by date, and the Start and End date pickers can be used to fine tune the date period. The Customer selector can also be used to further restrict the payment selection to a specific customer. Click Update to filter the payments based on the criteria you selected. Users with viewer-only privileges will be unable to apply and delete payments.

You can edit the invoice by clicking on the invoice number, this will open the Edit Invoice page.

Apply Payment

Click this button to apply a payment.

Receipt PDF

Click the Receipt Pdf icon to download a PDF copy of the receipt for an applied payment.


Click this button to edit a payment.


Click the Delete icon to delete the associated payment.