The Non-invoiced Cash Sale window is where you quickly create an invoice, receive payment, and print a receipt for a transaction from one window. To access the Non-invoiced Cash Sale window, click Non-invoiced cash sale block on the main or sales screen, or click Enter non-invoiced cash sale from the left sidebar on the Sales screen.

Invoice Items

This is the list of items on the invoice. Click inside the list to add a new item. You can modify Item, Description, Qty, Price by clicking them. You can also use a bar code scanner to add new items.

Add Item

Click this button to enter an item in the item list.

Remove Item

Click this button to remove the selected item in the item list.

Add Discount

Input a discount amount. Note that this field is only available when discounts are enabled in Options.


Input a number for discount without the % sign. E.g., 20 means 20% discount.

Deposit Account

Select a deposit account for the transaction from the drop menu.


Enter the salesperson for this non-invoiced cash sale, or choose one from the pull-down list.


These comments are printed on the bottom of the receipt.

Private Comments

These are comments for internal use only - they are not printed on the receipt.


This is the total display.

Record Cash

Click on this button to Pay by Cash and Record the Transaction. To select the action (to Pay by Credit Card, Check or Create an Invoice) click on the pull down list.

Pay by credit card. You will need to input the customer's credit card information and use the default setting to charge by credit card. Credit card payments can be configured from Options->Credit Card Gateways.

Pay by check. You will need to input the check number.

Save to invoice without collecting payment for the transaction.