The Receipt tab of the Options dialog is used to set the text that appears on receipts and the way receipts are laid out.

Small Receipts Options

Use small size for printed Receipts

This option forces receipts to be printed within a width of 3 inches. It is intended for use with continuous receipt paper rolls.

Logo height

The logo height field determines the size of your logo when it is printed. The logo will be enlarged or reduced according to the height entered while still maintaining the correct aspect ratio up to the point where the logo will exceed 1/3 of the width of the receipt at which time the logo's width will not be increased even though the height still is.
A logo jpg file must be specified on the Company tab of Options to appear on the receipt.

Margins (in.)

Set the margins for small receipts by entering values for the top/bottom and the sides.

Receipt Text Items

This is the text that will be printed on receipts. Select a title or heading from the drop menu, then alter the text for that item in the field to the right.

Note and Foot Comments

Text entered here will appear at the bottom of the receipt printout or pdf. Choose an alignment and font size for the text. The foot comment will appear beneath any note comment.

Preview Receipt

Click this button to save your settings and preview what the receipt will look like.