Select the account you wish to reconcile from the pull down list of accounts.

Last Reconciled Date

The last date the selected account was reconciled will appear here.

Bank Statement Date

Enter the statement date that appears on your bank statement.

New Statement Balance

Enter the ending balance that appears on your bank statement.

Calculated Statement Balance

The number that appears here is the account's balance before reconciliation.

Out of Balance

If this field contains a value other than zero, you may have errors in your records. As you compare your entries with the bank statement, those errors will probably become apparent.

Local Ledger Transactions

This is the list of account entries that have not yet been reconciled. For manual reconciliation, tick the checkbox of each entry that has a matching entry on your bank statement to reconcile the entry.

Add a new payment transaction

Click here to add a new payment transaction.

Add a new receipt transaction

Click this button to add a new receipt transaction.

Check All

Click this button to select all account entries in the list.

Uncheck All

Click this button to deselect all account entries in the list.

Rollback to Previous

This button allows you to undo the last reconcile for the selected account. You may want to rollback if you have done a reconciliation by mistake or you have received more transactions that should have been included in the last reconcile.
Please note that this button will only be enabled when there is a valid reconciliation to rollback to and you will only be able to go back at most one reconciliation.