Sales orders that are sent on a recurring basis can be set up on a recurring schedule through Express Accounts. To create a recurring order schedule, fill out the sales order as usual, click the Record button at the bottom and then select the Save as Recurring option from the Record drop-menu at the bottom.

Start date:

Enter the date when the order should first be generated.


Select how often the orders should issue.


Select the action that should be done after order has been recorded, if the order should be printed, emailed, or faxed.

Replace the string %period% in any description with dates

It is sometimes useful to print the actual billing period on the order to the customer to explain what period the order is for. To do this enter descriptions with the word "period" circumfixed with percentage symbols, i.e., %period%, that way whenever a recurring order is issued, the %period% will be replace with the actual dates of the order.

Update the prices of any items that have been changed

If this is ticked, whenever a recurring order is recorded it will check if the item price has changed. If it has, the sales order prices will be updated.