The Express Accounts Refund window allows you to apply a refund on the selected payment. In payments list dialog, select a payment, click "Payments" in menu bar and select Refund.

Customer Refund


Enter the date the refund for the refund


Select the customer from the drop-menu, or enter a new customer using the customer button to the right of the drop-menu.


If you selected a customer, this field will automatically fill with the customer's account balance. If the payment does not match this number, enter the exact amount paid.


Select how the refund was made.

Reference Number:

Enter the reference number. Leave this field blank if you charge by credit card online; the reference number will generate automatically after success. If you do not charge by credit card, entering a reference number is optional, but can help you keep soft references between refunds and invoices.


Click on this button to Record the payment. To select the action (Record and Print) click on the pull down list.