Use this screen to manage your refunds. Here you will see a list of all the refunds which Express Accounts has processed.

You can refine the contents of this list by using the interactive filter controls below the main button bar. You can use the 'Period' selector to filter the listed refunds by date, and the 'Start' and 'End' date pickers can be used to fine tune the date period. The 'Customer' selector can also be used to further restrict the refund selection to a specific customer.


Click this button to create a new refund.


To delete refund(s), select the refund(s) you wish to remove from the list, and click this button.


Click this button to edit the currently selected refund. This only applies to one refund at a time.


Click this button to see how the refund will appear when printed, saved as a PDF document, or emailed to a customer.


Click this button to print the currently selected refund(s).


Use this button to send one or more selected refund(s) as a PDF document to a recipient via email. You will asked to provide an email address.


Use this button to send one or more selected refund(s) to a recipient via fax. You will asked to provide a fax number.


Click this button to save the currently selected refund(s) as a PDF file on your computer.

Charge Credit Card

Click this if you want to refund the customer on their credit card. You must have set the payment account (Credit card gateway) in Options on the Payments tab, as well as entered the customer's custom credit card information in the listing.

Find Refund

Use this dialog box to search for a desired Refund in the list. You can search by Date, Refund id number or Customer.

Find Next Refund

The commands Find Refund and Find Next Refund work together. The Option to use Find Next Refund appears after you use Find Refund. Find Next Refund Will find the next Refund with the same search criteria you entered in Find Refund.

When using Find Next Refund, after you have scrolled through all Refunds with matching search criteria from Find Refund, A pop-up window will notify that "No more refunds matching '(SEARCH CRITERIA)' could be found."

Note: If you delete the search criteria from the text box in Find Refund and click OK, a pop-up window will notify "No matching '' could be found.". The Find Next Refund function will now be grayed out and unselectable. The Find Next Refund function will be available again after you use Find Refund.