Express Accounts requires purchase and registration of a license for each installation. You can view pricing information via the purchasing link on the Express Accounts home page at www.nchsoftware. com/accounting/plus.html.

After buying a license you will receive a 'Software Purchase Serial Numbers' email containing your 12-digit license serial number and instructions on how to use this number to activate the license.

To activate Express Accounts, select Register Software from the Accounts or Tools menu and then click the Activate Online link in the 'Step 2: Activate Serial Number' section of the software registration window. This takes you to the Activate Software page on the NCH Software website. Note: You do not need to reinstall Express Accounts to activate the software.

Enter the license serial number in the box provided, your personal registration details, and click the 'Activate Software License' button. The license Registration and Activation Code details (Name - Location - ID - Key) will be displayed on your browser, and will also be emailed to you.

Enter the Registration and Activation Code details - exactly as provided - into the 'Step 3: Enter the license details' section of the registration window, and then click the OK button. Note: When you receive the email containing your registration code you should heed the advice on that email and print out a copy of it immediately, and keep that hard copy in a safe place.

We also recommend that you retain a copy of the easetup.exe Express Accounts software installation file for the version you are using. Place this .exe file on a portable medium such as a CD or USB flash drive, and keep it safe with the printout of your license Registration and Activation Code.

If your code is not accepted...

  1. Check you have entered the Name, Location, ID and Key exactly as they appear on the email containing the license Registration and Activation Code. In particular, the Key from the code is comprised of eight lowercase letters only; it contains no numbers or uppercase letters. The Name and Location fields are case-sensitive.
  2. If the Express Accounts license was purchased a while ago, for a previous version, the license Registration and Activation Code that you are using may not work with a more recent version of Express Accounts. In this case you must purchase an upgrade license at upgrade/index.html.
  3. If you have had to re-install Express Accounts (e.g., following a hard drive reformat or replacement), and your license Registration and Activation Code has worked previously with the version of Express Accounts that you are using, the code may simply require resetting. Contact NCH Registration Support using the email form at on the website, and include the full details (Name - Location - ID - Key) of your code.