Use this screen to manage your supplier records. A list of all the suppliers you have entered in Express Accounts is displayed here. This list is also displayed when you want to select a supplier to enter into a form, such as the Payments and Purchases form.

Select (shown only when selecting a supplier for a form)

Click the Select button to select a supplier for entry into the Payments and Purchases form.


Click the Add button on the toolbar to create a new supplier record.


To delete a supplier record, select the supplier record(s) you wish to remove from the list, and click the Delete button on the toolbar.


Click the Edit button on the toolbar to edit the currently selected supplier record. You can only edit one supplier record at a time.

Find Supplier

Select this option to open the Find Supplier window. From here, enter the Supplier name you want to search for to locate it in the list.

Find Next Supplier

Select this option to find the next Supplier in the list with the last term searched for, or use the shortcut F3 to locate the next Supplier in the list.

Email (if available)

Click the Email button on the toolbar to send an email to the currently selected supplier.

Call (if available)

Click the Call button on the toolbar to call the currently selected supplier. Clicking this button will open Express Talk, a VoIP Softphone. You can learn more about Express Talk at

Export Data for Mail Merge (if available)

Use this option to export your suppliers list if you need to use it for mail merge. Please see Mail Merge for more details.

Import Suppliers from CSV

This option is only available from the desktop version of Express Accounts. It is also not available from the Supplier menu when the Supplier list is opened from the Payments and Purchases form.

You can import a list of suppliers you have used previously to save time entering new suppliers into Express Accounts. To import a list, open the Suppliers list, click the Supplier menu and click Import Suppliers from CSV. Browse to the CSV file and click Open. The Match CSV Fields dialog will open in Express Accounts. You'll need to match up the columns from the CSV file with headings in Express Accounts. For more information on how to do this, see the help topic Match CSV Fields in the Screen References section of this manual.

Statement (if available)

This menu button provides various statement actions for the currently selected supplier.