The journal is where you view all transactions for all accounts kept in Express Accounts. You can view the journal by clicking the Journal icon in the toolbar of any tab to open the View Journal dialog, or press Ctrl+V.

Make a Manual Journal Entry

General payments, purchases, receipts, and sales should, in general, not be entered manually into the journal, but there are cases when you might need to account for changes in your accounts using this method. Speak to your accountant if you are unsure when to make manual journal entries.

To make a manual journal entry, begin by opening the Journal by clicking the Transaction menu and select Manual Journal Entry to pull up the Journal Entry dialog. This dialog can also be found from the View Journal dialog by clicking the Add button in the toolbar.

Select which journal the entry should be applied to, and make a journal memo (optional). In the Account Allocation area, select an account(s) to debit money from, and account(s) to credit money to. When the accounts are balanced, click Record to save the journal entry.

Edit a Journal Entry

If an entry on the journal needs correcting, you can click the entry to select it, then click the Edit button in the toolbar to open the Journal Entry dialog for that entry. Make the necessary corrections, and when the accounts are in balance, click the Record button to apply the changes to the journal.