If you plan on using Express Accounts for creating invoices for customers, you will need to set up the tax amounts required by your local government. Express Accounts can, in some cases, detect your location and automatically set up the tax rates in your country or province, but you will want to check that the rates applied are correct, and make adjustments as necessary. Express Accounts detects your location based on the locale set in your computer system, so double check your system settings for the most accurate setup.

To view the tax configuration dialog, click the Options icon in the toolbar, then click the Tax tab. You can create new tax rates by clicking the Add button. You can add as many tax values as you need, and you can designate which tax should be applied to items by default to save you time creating invoices.

Applying a tax amount to an item occurs in the New Invoice dialog. If you don't have a default tax amount set, or need to change the tax for an item from the default setting, select the tax amount from the drop menu for that item. All the tax will be added up at the bottom of the invoice by Express Accounts.

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