Each web interface account is identified by its email address. To set up or edit a user account, click the Options icon in the toolbar, click the Web Access tab, and click the Add button to set up a new user account, or select an existing user account and click the Edit button.

Display name:

Enter the user name. This is used for display purposes on the Web Access tab.

Email address:

This is used to uniquely identify the user. The user will enter their email when they log in to the web interface. The email address is also used by the user to recover a lost or forgotten password.


Enter the password for this user. The user will use this password to log in to the web interface. They can change their password in the web interface by clicking the Change Password link under Actions in the right sidebar.

Password Again:

Enter the password for this user again, to make sure it has been entered correctly.

Account enabled

Check this option to enable the account. If the account is disabled, the user will not be able to access the web interface.

User privileges


Checking this option will allow this user to modify others user's preferences and to add/edit/remove transactions.


Checking this option allows this user to be able to add/edit/remove transactions.


Checking this option allows this user to view transactions, but does not allow them to add/edit/remove transactions.


This is the list of organizations that the user can access. The list contains any businesses that have been set up through the program. Users with Administrator privileges are allowed to access all organizations.